EuroELS – extended support for Enterprise Linux 6 systems

EuroELS is an extended support option for CentOS®, RHEL®, Oracle® Linux, Scientific Linux and EuroLinux versions 6. It facilitates the extension of the standard lifecycle at least until mid-2024.

The life cycle of the CentOS®, RHEL®, Oracle® Linux, Scientific Linux and EuroLinux version 6 operating systems came to an end in 2020. Since then, these systems have not been supported and have not received updates and security patches. This problem affects thousands of organizations around the world that, for various reasons, have not yet upgraded their systems to a higher release. The solution to this problem is EuroELS, a service that extends the life of these systems until at least mid-2024.

Security updates and patches are an integral and extremely important aspect in the IT world. Their absence reduces the security of systems, applications and stored data. However, for many organizations, upgrading a system to version 7, 8 or 9 can be costly or completely impossible. For example, this applies to the situation of software running only on version 6. EuroELS solves this problem easily.

What is EuroELS?

EuroELS (Extended Life Support) is an extended support for the systems:

  • CentOS® 6
  • RHEL® 6
  • Oracle® Linux 6
  • Scientific Linux 6
  • EuroLinux 6.

It enables extension of their standard lifecycle until at least mid-2024. It provides unsupported systems with critical and important security patches and significant bug fixes. The product also includes technical assistance with access to the support portal and the ability to contact EuroLinux architects and engineers directly.


Phase I – critical and important security patches, bug fixes, system improvements/new features.
Phase II – critical and important security patches, bug fixes
Phase III – critical and important security patches, priority bug fixes
Phase IV (EuroELS) – extended support: critical and important security patches, priority bug fixes.

How to extend the support?

Supplying the system with up-to-date security patches and new versions of packages from the EuroLinux repository is simple, safe and fully reversible. What’s important – it does not require reinstalling the system. This means that installed applications, data and system configuration remain unchanged.

After purchasing a EuroELS subscription, all you have to do is run a script that will switch the patch repository and automatically migrate the system in use, changing its logo and name to EuroLinux, among other things.

Below is a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use EuroELS.

Order a EuroELS subscription



EuroELS is licensed for physical or virtual servers.
1 subscription includes support for 1 physical server or 10 virtual servers.

Support levels and prices
EuroELS Standard support for 1 physical machine299 €
EuroELS Standard support for 10 virtual machines749 €

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EuroELS is ideal for enterprises, government and other organizations that continue to use Enterprise Linux 6 systems. The product restores their security and updates, extending their lifecycle.


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