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EuroLinux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution based on open source code, which we have been creating and developing since 2013.

Holding certifications for various environments – physical, virtual, and cloud-based, this distribution provides a solid foundation for the entire software stack in companies and organizations. With its long lifecycle, along with the stability and security it ensures, EuroLinux is widely used in critical environments.

Stability and performance

EuroLinux is reliable even under heavy load. It stands out for its speed, seamless operation, and efficient performance. These attributes ensure that administrators can execute tasks effectively, free from disruptions or delays.


EuroLinux comes equipped with advanced security features that ensure data protection, system integrity, and information confidentiality, aligning with the latest security standards in the industry.


The system includes Cockpit – a web-based tool for server management through a user-friendly graphical interface.

EuroLinux – download the latest version

In line with the open-source philosophy, we make our system available to the community and for commercial use at no charge. It is offered in the form of ISOs, images for VMware, Docker, OpenStack, Vagrant, and on cloud platforms like AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud. You can download and use the full version of the software, which includes regular updates, security patches, bug fixes, and new features.

Technical support for businesses and organizations

We provide comprehensive system support to businesses and organizations, which goes beyond merely delivering software updates and patches. Our support covers implementation, proper usage, maintenance, and development to maximize benefits and minimize operational risks.
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13 reasons to Use EuroLinux

EuroLinux is your assurance of stability, security, and reliability. The system excels in critical applications. Discover why it’s worth using.

10-year Lifecycle

EuroLinux is backed by comprehensive technical support extending up to 2032, including updates, upgrades, and technical assistance.

100% Open Source

We license the system under the open GPL license. The software is available for download free of charge.

Expert support

Technical support is provided directly by our engineers and architects. It includes support during implementation, smooth operation, maintenance, and environment development.

Availability of migration scripts

We provide scripts that automate the migration from CentOS, RHEL®, Oracle® Linux, Rocky Linux, and AlmaLinux to EuroLinux, as well as enable the upgrade from CentOS 7 to EuroLinux 8 and from EuroLinux 7 to EuroLinux 8.

Version locking capability

EuroLinux is equipped with the ability to lock versions to prevent the introduction of undesired changes, those that are insufficiently tested, or those that would necessitate costly modifications to business software.

Enterprise-class system

EuroLinux offers the stability and reliability characteristic of enterprise-class solutions and is compatible with other systems in the family, such as AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Oracle Linux, CentOS, and RHEL®.

Knowledge transfer

The team delivering the services shares their knowledge with the client’s team during regular/periodic technical sessions.

Cloud platform compatibility

EuroLinux can be deployed on cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform.

Golden Key – unlimited Support

We meet the needs of clients requiring support for a large and variable number of systems by offering support without any limitations.

Secure manufacturing process

Thanks to automation and code origin control, EuroLinux is resistant to attack attempts through malicious code (supply chain attack protection).

Dedicated Technical Engineer

A dedicated engineer ensures continuity of know-how transfer, which guarantees faster and more effective problem solving.

Open source on demand

We create dedicated software versions tailored to the specific client’s needs.

Check the full technical specification of the EuroLinux

Technical specification

Benefits of our support

The essence of our offer is professional technical support, provided by experts. Find out what sets it apart in the market of server operating systems.

We provide installation support and the option for direct contact with our engineers and architects when needed (assistance with configuration, optimization, troubleshooting, diagnosing errors, and failures).

You have multiple support channels to choose from: a ticket system, a dedicated email address and phone number for the technical department, and, when appropriate, direct contact to a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM).

You get access to the Customer Portal, where you can download installation versions of the system (ISO), check information about active subscriptions, and use the ticketing system, all in one place.

You get access to complete technical documentation and information about new vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

Skipping the automated hotline saves valuable time and allows for faster and more effective access to professional assistance.

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  • End of support for EuroLinux 7

    As of 30.06.2024, support for EuroLinux 7 has ended as the system reached EOL (end of life). This means that security updates, technical support, and new features for this system version will no longer be available. With the end of support, we encourage you to migrate to newer versions of EuroLinux 8 and 9.

  • EuroLinux 8.10 released

    We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA version) of EuroLinux 8.10. This version is a continuation and also the last release for EuroLinux 8.

  • EuroLinux 9.4 released

    We are pleased to announce the next release of EuroLinux - 9.4 "San Marino" in honor of the world's oldest republic. This update will please security engineers and developers in particular, adding new options for the Linux kernel's cryptographic API and putting more detailed control over TLS engine tuning in their hands to best represent their needs.