EuroLinux Now Available on Windows Subsystem for Linux

We are pleased to announce the availability of the our official EuroLinux distro images on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This enables you to seamlessly run Linux tools and applications directly on your Windows machine, expanding your development environment and enhancing your workflow without dual boot or virtual machines.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined development: Utilize familiar Enterprise Linux tools and workflows alongside your existing Windows development environment, eliminating context switching and simplifying your development process.
  • Platform stability and security: Benefit from the rock-solid stability and long-term support (10 years + additional EOL support) of EuroLinux. Enjoy consistent security updates, reliable performance, and minimized maintenance overhead, empowering you to focus on development with confidence.
  • Increased flexibility: Effortlessly switch between Windows and Enterprise Linux based on your specific needs, maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

Getting Started

To get started with EuroLinux on WSL, please refer to the official repository available at: This repo provides more context and detailed instructions.

We encourage you to explore the benefits of EuroLinux on WSL. As always bugs, feature requests, and improvement suggestions for EuroLinux can be reported and discussed in the official repository:

Contribute to shaping the future of EuroLinux :)!

Lastly it’s important to note that this images are not official Windows Store Launchers, custom images that we create are much easier to reproduce, rebuild and maintain.


Run EuroLinux on WSL – x86_64 machines:

wget -o el9-x86_64.tar
wsl --import EuroLinux-9 "$env:USERPROFILE/EuroLinux-9" .\el9-x86_64.tar --version 2
wsl -d EuroLinux-9

Run EuroLinux on WSL – ARM64 machines:

wget -o el9-aarch64.tar
wsl --import EuroLinux-9 "$env:USERPROFILE/EuroLinux-9" .\el9-aarch64.tar --version 2
wsl -d EuroLinux-9


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