We have been developing open source technologies since 2013.

In line with the idea of open source we ensure everyone has free access to our software versions and the liberty to use them, for commercial purposes as well.

Who we are

We are a provider and developer of enterprise-grade open source software and IT solutions. Tailored for mission-critical use, our products offer businesses and organizations reliability and strategic benefits. We’ve been making our mark in the IT industry since 2013.

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Security, stability, and trust

Our products are built on proven and secure technologies and the highest standards. We prioritize the security of code production, its quality, and the continuity of the supply chain, ensuring the utmost level of trust in our software.

We provide comprehensive, real, and effective technical support tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

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Software customization

EuroLinux’s solutions can be fully customized to fit the unique needs of your organization.

Join us and enjoy the freedom of using open-source software, empowering your organization to reach its full potential!

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Our team

The EuroLinux team is comprised of open-source software experts with broad knowledge and experience in operating systems, databases, IT infrastructure, and cloud services. They also have a deep understanding of our clients’ and partners’ needs, industry specifics, and standards. This expertise allows us to swiftly address user-reported issues and guarantees our clients stability, security, and flexibility – adapting to dynamic market changes and supporting businesses and organizations through the fourth industrial revolution. 

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Commitment to open source principles

Operating with a commitment to openness and transparency is fundamental to us. We believe open source software is the key to thriving in today’s digital landscape.

Therefore, we actively engage with the open source community and support projects that contribute to the advancement of free software.

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Support at every step

Our support extends far beyond simply providing software updates and patches. EuroLinux open software, along with its subsequent updates and fixes, is freely available to all users in alignment with open source principles. We offer comprehensive technical support that covers software deployment assistance, proper usage guidance, maintenance, and ongoing development. This approach is designed to maximize the benefits of using our software. Our client relationships are built on trust, partnership, and long-term collaboration.

We invite you to explore our products and services and to contact us. Find out how you can benefit from implementing our solutions.

Development and optimization
Stability and long-term support