4 days
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Training content summary

  1. Automation of installation using kickstart.
  2. Regular expressions and pattern searching in text.
  3. Access control using ACL.
  4. Performing cyclical tasks in Linux systems.
  5. Creating partitions and file systems.
  6. Creating and managing LVM.
  7. Using external authentication mechanisms Kerberos and LDAP.
  8. Managing NFS mount points.
  9. Managing SMB CIFS mount points.
  10. Managing the system via Cockpit.
  11. Basics of SELinux administration.
  12. Troubleshooting in Enterprise Linux.
  13. Review of the material.

About the training

The Enterprise Linux Administration II training focuses on network services that the system is to offer and utilize. It also covers access management, advanced process management, and the basics of programming in the Bash shell.

Required knowledge

Enterprise Linux Administration I training or administrative skills in Linux systems at a similar level.

Target audience

  • Current and future Linux system administrators who seek to expand and systematize their knowledge
  • individuals aspiring to become a Certified Linux System Administrator in the future
  • developers who use or interact with Linux systems in their work.

Training location

We offer three training formats, depending on what your preferred way of learning is:
  • in Authorized Training Centers in Warsaw and Cracow
  • onsite at the client’s location
  • Via the internet (online).
We conduct training in both open and closed formats, i.e., dedicated to specific teams from your organization.

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