8 days
8 hours daily
Complex Integration Architect
ESB Integration Engineer
8 modules
Proprietary manuals

Training content summary

  1. Overview of open-source integration patterns.
  2. OSGi architecture including Fuse.
  3. Introduction to JBoss Fuse and EuroAP – installation, configuration, and comparison.
  4. ESB platforms – features, functional capabilities, implementation, management.
  5. Messages and services on the ESB bus.
  6. Routing.
  7. Tuning and optimization.
  8. Do’s and don’ts of designing and implementing integration solutions based on ESB.

About the training

Training on available tools, including their comparison and discussion of the specifics of software development in the OSGi architecture using JBoss Fuse and EuroAP.

Required knowledge

  • knowledge of Java, Spring Framework
  • understanding of network services creation using CXF (WebService/Rest)
  • familiarity with developer tools: Java, Ant, Maven, Eclipse, and the XML standard is a plus.

Target audience

Java developers and architects who want to learn how to build and effectively implement a data bus in an organization and understand the most popular integration design patterns (EIPs).

Training location

We offer three training formats, depending on what your preferred way of learning is:
  • in Authorized Training Centers in Warsaw and Cracow
  • onsite at the client’s location
  • via the internet (online)
We conduct training in both open and closed formats, i.e., dedicated to specific teams from your organization.

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