EuroLinux 8.7 beta released

EuroLinux 8.7 beta

On the 12th of October, we released the EuroLinux 8.7 beta version. It is compatible with the latest version of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8.7 beta. It allows you to test technical innovations and compatibility with the upcoming EuroLinux 8.7. EuroLinux 8.7 beta is the fastest released clone of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8.7 beta.

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EuroLinux 8.5 ARM64 GA released

EuroLinux 8.5 ARM 64 GA released

We start the new year 2022 with the release of the General Availability (GA) version of EuroLinux 8.5 for ARM64 (aarch64) architecture. For the EuroLinux community and our customers, this is another milestone in the wide adoption of this architecture. It is also essential in the further development of our manufacturing processes.

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EuroLinux 8.4 beta for ARM64 (aarch64) released

EuroLinux 8.3 beta for ARM

We are pleased to announce that the beta version of EuroLinux 8.4 for ARM64 is now available and ready for download as an ISO. We are currently adapting our pipelines (e.g. AWS images, Docker images etc.) to support this architecture. We will also be increasing the number of publicly available EuroLinux images, including cloud images.

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EuroLinux system roadmap for Q4 2021

EuroLinux Roadmap Q4 2021

The current roadmap is the result of a pilot project, where we decided to collect and incorporate feedback from some of our partners. In the future, we will expand this circle, including members of the EuroLinux community. Some of the points on our roadmap are marked as (WIP – Work in Progress).

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